Reelin’ in the Year

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That’s right. It’s been a whole year since our first live performance. And what a difference a year makes. Expanding, contracting, evolving, and all the time rocking.

This past Saturday night at the Arlene Francis Center, The 50/50s played our one year anniversary show. While it was all a blur to me, I am told we rocked it pretty well. Cameron and Sean propelled us forward with their expert rhythm section. We had amazing harmonies, thanks to Leilani and Cameron, that perfectly accented Lila’s matchless vocals. Our sound was expanded by the awesome riffing of Chelsea on keyboard. And of course there was me, chugging away on the guitar.

There was also a full roster of excellent bands on hand to help KWTF with fundraising. While Hot Club Beelzebub lured folks in with their irresistible brand of gypsy jazz, Community College kicked things off on the main stage with a powerful punch. The Poppy Seeds held the stage with a golden voice and a strum to match. The Manchus from Mainland China tore through their debut set with the same diabolic intensity of their namesake. Intimate Garçons mesmerized us with a journey through time and space. Immediately after our set, Will Crum rocked us guerilla style from the AFC balcony. Sharky Coast brought their hurricane with them, making Irene look like a mere suggestion of weather. Guy Henry Mueller and Ryan Michael Keller created an alternate, enlightening/frightening universe. And to round it all off, Conspiracy a Go Go schooled us with their rock and roll carnival.

Thanks to all of our families, friends and fans. We have so much more in store for you.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of The 50/50s.

Live, part

photo by Whitni Rader

Live, Part 3

photo by Whitni Rader