Shapes of Things

Posted: December 6th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Chelsea, Leilani, Lila, Music, Recordings, Sean, The 50/50s, Will | Comments Off

We’re back! Ok we never really went away, but all the same, we’re back! After a little realignment, the inimitable Leilani is now playing bass as well as continuing to provide her spellbinding vocals. And that means the inimitable Lila resumes her guitar strumming duties in addition to fronting that which must be fronted. The inimitable Sean continues to propel us forward, and the inimitable Chelsea continues to thread harmonic unity. And the inimitable Will (yup, that’s me) continues to bang sound out of his guitar.

2012 promises to start off with a kablaam as we will be heading into the studio (Wally Sound to be specific) to lay down some tracks for the ages. Fans of The 50/50s will also be able to catch us perform live on occasion. And who knows, there might even be t-shirts for your collection.

Stay tuned!

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