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CD Package
O hai! Guess what?! We finally (finally) have our album available for you to listen to in many amazing digital formats. We did the basic tracks all the way back in April at Atlas Studios in Santa Rosa. And then, roundabout July we finally made it down to The Wally Sound in Oakland to some additional recording (percussion, backing vox, guitar fills, etc) as well as for mixing and mastering. And now we have our labor of love available for your enjoyment!

You can purchase the digital album (and CD if you so choose) from our Bandcamp page:

Of course you can always give a listen on our Soundcloud page:

And very soon, you will be able to find us on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify, Zune (O Rly? Ya Rly), Medianet, iHeartRadio and Google Play (the perfect gift for your favorite Google employee!).


Volume Units

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Welcome to the New Year, and a (slightly) New Look for The 50/50s.

Our first band practice of the year went pretty well. Preparations for our upcoming recording session are coming along nicely, with eight songs identified for likely candidates, and an additional tune set to make the grade as well. I’ve been getting my guitars tuned up so that my only goof-ups will be skill related and not technical in nature.

Beyond recording, we are definitely looking forward to playing some live shows in the near future. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further information.

For those of you interested in acquiring a super rare recording by The 50/50s, your opportunity has arrived. Sonoma County’s newest community radio station KWTF is in the midst of a fundraiser. Luckily, not only can you support a noble cause, for a meager donation of $25 you can receive a mixtape that contains the aforementioned Super Rare Recording by The 50/50s. Don’t delay, do it now: http://www.indiegogo.com/KWTF-Radio

Shapes of Things

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We’re back! Ok we never really went away, but all the same, we’re back! After a little realignment, the inimitable Leilani is now playing bass as well as continuing to provide her spellbinding vocals. And that means the inimitable Lila resumes her guitar strumming duties in addition to fronting that which must be fronted. The inimitable Sean continues to propel us forward, and the inimitable Chelsea continues to thread harmonic unity. And the inimitable Will (yup, that’s me) continues to bang sound out of his guitar.

2012 promises to start off with a kablaam as we will be heading into the studio (Wally Sound to be specific) to lay down some tracks for the ages. Fans of The 50/50s will also be able to catch us perform live on occasion. And who knows, there might even be t-shirts for your collection.

Stay tuned!